Amazing ride to Kadamakudy

Amazing ride to Kadamakkudy islands this morning ! Soaked in rain as we got there, but the after rain weather was so perfect ! Courtesy Venkatesh Thyagarajan

Lessons from the Chameleon

Almost forty days of confined life within the boundary walls of my home…and slowly but surely I am / was getting depressed. The news of a very close relative getting hospitalized due to covid and the forecast of the third wave had all taken it’s toll on me. How long can one pretend to be optimistic?. The tourism industry is the most affected. Since Kadamakudy blog is connected to travel and photography, I almost forgot about this blog of mine for a while. When that is the case, three good things happened to me today.

During this six decades on planet earth, this is not the first time I felt this low. There are many occasions before, which I could overcome by God’s grace and my will. It is photography that helped be to divert my energies on the positive side of things. Today, again I reached out to the camera, changed the 50mm lens to 250 mm and walked around the backyard hoping to click something interesting.

The tipping point happened in the form of this chameleon. He was changing colors rapidly to match the environment. He reminded me of the ability and openness to adapt to the changed environment quickly as a key skill to survive in unpredictable environments. The main stress is due to the wait for normalcy, which may not happen at all. The life after the pandemic may never be the same again. It will be wiser and easier if we can adapt to this fact.

The second good thing was a call from an urban planner to know more about Kadamakudy Islands. We spoke for almost thirty minutes about kadamakudy, and the possibilities for sustainable tourism in and around kadamakudy islands. When she said, she got my contact details from this blog about Kadamakudy, that was a kind of a reminder for me about Kadamakudy and the pleasures associated with the slow cycling and photography jaunts to this pristine cluster of Islands.

This prompted me to search for Kadamakudy in google, and to my surprise this blog started appearing on the first page of the search results about Kadamakudy. That is the third good thing.

Kadamakudy still remains as a very safe place to visit as it is not crowded at all. Now is the time of readying the fields for pokkaly rice cultivation. Thinking of making a trip to Kadamakudy during the next week. The Chameleon effect !

For me, green is more about cycling than recycling. Giles Deacon

cycling at Kadamakudy Islands

The hoooi…hoooi calls reverberating at Kadamakkudy

They come in herds and prey on the fish in the fish farms in a flash. The moment the cormorants are spotted above any fish farm, the care takers try to scare them off with these hoooi…hoooi calls. During the fish hatching season, the whole Kadamakkudy reverberates with these hooi calls. Some use crackers to ward them off…Hundreds of them land very quickly and start consuming fish. Here is one such herd of birds…Collectively they make a humming sound while diving deep and coming up rhythmically.

The rain, river, rides and the dog’s love

With great expectation and anticipation I ventured out to Kadamakkudy Islands on my cycle today expecting to capture the beauty of a sunset. Unexpectedly the summer rains stopped me. . For the photographer in me, once decided to click, I must click. Standing at the veranda of the small S.K hotel, on the banks of river periyar I clicked….Kaizer the street dog whom I get biscuits whenever I meet him, and as a reciprocation of his gratitude and love, he accompanies me till the gate of my house which is approximately a mile away, and stand there for a while before bidding good bye with a painful look in his eyes..I too feel sad as I am not used to this kind of unconditional love and gratitude from the fellow humans…..This photograph captures the rain, river, rides and the dog’s love….all beautiful…..