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From my Kadamakkudy cycle tour

The crab catcher of Kadamakkudy

Beautiful Kadamakkudy morning

If you are ready to seek beauty and quietude, Kadamakkudy has something to offer every day. Another beautiful sunrise.

Forest bathing at Kadamakkudy

I do not have anything else to offer you, but peace. Peace alone. If you are visiting Kadamakkudy to relax and to get rejuvenated, then try meditations at Kadamakkudy Islands. It is a wonderful experience. Today is day#3 of my forest bathing. Experience true peace and joy at Kadamakkudy by doing nothing at Kadamakkudy….

Forest bathing at Kadamakkudy. Experience true joy and peace.

Kadamakudy Photos by Prashanthkumar KP

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Photo courtesy Yadhiraj Vaidya

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