Travel tips

Travel Tips for visitors to Kadamakkudy Islands


  • Varapuzha police station – 0484 – 2513073
  • Ambulance
  • Aster Medcity Hospital – Emergency 155218
  • Amritha institute of medical sciences Edappally – 2339080


  • Taxi, Biju Akkunnath Paulose, 9447328119
  • Friends cab, Subin, 9961260056
  • Mini pickup truck, Mathai Moolan, 9961049436
  • Bajaj auto taxi, Cheriyappally, Ashlin Antony, 7025739338
  • Auto taxi, Ramachandran, 9895648793


  • Joseph 9388468840

Here are some tips for the Visitors of Kadamakkudy

  1. The first and foremost travel tip is to bring your own drinking water as there are not many shops in Kadamakkudy where you can buy one.
  2. If possible bring your own food / snacks, especially if kids are travelling with you as they can go hungry any time.
  3. There are no decent toilet facilities available at Kadamakkudy. In case you want to answer the natures call unexpectedly, the only way out is to walk into the open fields. So, before visiting Kadamakkudy, try your best to avoid this unpleasant situation.
  4. By road it will take approximately 45 minutes from the Kochi city as well as from the Kochi International Airport
  5. There are direct buses to Kadamakkudy from Vytilla hub via Edappally and from North Parur and Alwaye.
  6. Another option to travel to kadamakkudy by bus is to board any bus via Varapuzha bridge and get down at SNDP junction. There is an auto rikshaw stand there. Hire an auto to Kadamakkudy. To go back, you can catch a bus or connect with any of the local auto drivers of Kadamakkudy. Their contact numbers are provided in the photo at the bottom of this page.
  7. Good for birdwatching, bird photography, walking, running, experiencing nature, fishing, cycling, dawn and sunsets.
  8. I enjoy lazy cycling without any hurry, at very low speed, to stop as soon as any bird is spotted, watch them, photograph them.
  9. Another super experience of mine at Kadamakkudy is my morning meditations at Kadamakkudy. Just sit somewhere in Kadamakkudy comfortably. Inhale and exhale. Be mindful. Try to concentrate on your breathing alone…soon you will get immersed in the beautiful sounds of birds which you do not hear otherwise. No music system can replace that experience. Adore the creator. Be grateful for everything….Soon you will start conversing with God….or you feel God’s embrace. I call it is Holy communion with God at Kadamakkudy Islands. The only prerequisite is time to sit and relax.
  10. If coming by road from Ernakulam side, cross the Varapuzha bridge, and take the first left. Go straight till you get a ‘T’ juction. Take the left, go forward and then take the right. You will reach a temple. Take the road going to the left, and you are almost there.
  11. The dawns and the sunsets are really beautiful at Kadamakkudy from October to June. After the month of June, it is rainy season. Normally the sun rises by 6.15 a.m. So, If you want to experience the sunrise, be there before 6 a.m. In my opinion, the sunsets are more glorious than the sunrise. Sun set starts by around 5.30 p.m.
  12. The maximum number of birds are visible in the mornings till 8 a.m. Once it gets warm with sun light, the birds retreat to the shades and will not be visible.
  13. Bring your own food and drinking water, as there are no decent hotels near by. There are some thatu kadas. Here is the link to the Kaanthaari thattukada of Radhika
  14. The nearest town is Chetti bhagam (Varapuzha), which is around 3 km before reaching Kadamakkudy.
  15. There are a couple of toddy shops, and I am not happy with the cleanliness of these. Of the two toddy shops available, the better one is in the middle of the paddy fields. One has to park their vehicle away and then walk through the narrow path, through the paddy field to reach there. Sometimes, these paths can be really muddy. Wear suitable foot wear.
  16. Feb, March, April, May is good for bird watching. By June, the monsoon rains start.
  17. Please do not litter. Help to keep the environment clean.
  18. Do not make too much noise, as the birds will fly away.
  19. Do not wear bright color clothes which will make you highly visible to the birds. Wear lighter color clothes.
  20. Cameras with good zoom is required to capture the images of birds. Mobile phones are sufficient to capture splendid images of sunrises and sunsets.
  21. The fish in the fish farms are highly susceptible to any sort of poisonous things. So, please do not throw anything into the water bodies.
  22. There are no toilets for visitors at Kadamakkudy. Nature is the best place to attend nature’s call at Kadamakkudy :-). In the worst case knock at the doors of the nearby houses or the churches. There are toilets for the public at churches.
  23. There are waste bins kept on the road sides. Use them. Do not litter. Be a responsible tourist
  24. In the case of any medical emergency Aster medcity is the nearest hospital
  25. The nearest police station is the Varapuzha police station
  26. The narrow 5km stretch of  road cutting through the Kadamakudy islands is a delight for walkers and cyclists. The humming sound of the first bus from the island…and the cyclist crossing each other on a narrow strip of road …that needs presence of mind and confidence. When in doubt I just stop and give way for the other vehicle. 
  27. Emergency contacts

Contact me for any other information or help. Whatsapp 9895372115

Mobile phone numbers of Autorikshaw drivers of Kadamakkudy
Wear helmet

Kadamakkudy is attracting lots of tourists these days, hence the traffic has increased. It is no more safe to ride two wheelers without helmet. That include cycles as well. Ride safely and be a responsible tourist. Take care of your safety and others safety.

Read Things2do at Kadamakkudy


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