About this blog & Exploring Kadamakudy by cycle

Kadamakkuy or Kadamakudy comprises of a cluster of 14 tiny islands where prople live and two tiny islands where no one is living as of now. Put together it is 16 islands. I got this information from one of the villagers. Kadamakudy is very near my home at Varappuzha, and that gives me the previlege to visit this place at will. For many years it was just random pleasure trips to this beautiful virgin island. Unfortunately my visits were limited to ‘Valiya Kadamakudy’ the biggest among the islands. One fine day the urge to explore all islands of Kadamakudy engulfed me. That led to the idea of ‘Exploring Kadamakudy by Cycle’. Now I am cycling to all the Kadamakkudy Islands, comprising of;

  • Valiya Kadamakudy
  • Murikkal
  • Palyam thuruth
  • Pizhala
  • Cheriya kadamakudy
  • Pulikkapuram
  • Moolambilly
  • Puthussery
  • Chariyam thuruth
  • Chennur
  • Kothad
  • Korambadam
  • Kandanad
  • Karikkad thuruthu

The experiences and insights gained during ‘Exploring Kadamakudy by cycle’, I share here.

Hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy ‘Exploring Kadamakkudy by Cycle’.

Let us enjoy responsibly.

Wish you a very goodday

Abrachan (Aby)

Mobile / Whatsapp +91 9895372115

Me at Kadamakudy. Behind me is the pokkali paddy fields

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