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From my Kadamakkudy cycle tour

The crab catcher of Kadamakkudy

One of my best clicks at Kadamakudy. Captured this during my cycling tour of the Kadamakkudy Islands

Canoes lined up at the Kadamakkudy Paliamthuruth ferry

Beautiful Kadamakkudy morning

If you are ready to seek beauty and quietude, Kadamakkudy has something to offer every day. Another beautiful sunrise.

Today’s cycling trip to Kadamakkudy

It has been a while since I made a cycling trip to Kadamakkudy Islands. The main bottleneck was my laziness and procastination to get fitter (both me and my cycle). Atlast I got my cycle serviced at Decathlon Kalamasserry. They did a good job of my riverside cycle which is almost seven years old now. After the service, it is a pleasure to ride it.

Eventhough I got late to wake up, i managed to start off by 6.30 am. Taking that first step is the most important step of every journey. The ride was pleasant. From my home till the end of Kadamakkudy and back, the ride was smooth.

Could capture some nice photographs. Signing off till I make my next trip to Kadamakkudy Islands.

I must be the oldest cycler at Kadamakkudy. I am enjoying it. Thank almighty Lord for the health and safety.

Golden hour at Kadamakkudy

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