Kadamakudy Village fest 2021

Kadamakudy Village fest 2021 is starting from 28th October 2021 and continues till 31st October 2021. This event is happening at Pizhala and Kadamakudy. The salient features of this event are;

  • Pokali harvesting
  • Food street
  • Competitions and entertainment programs
  • Seminars and awareness programs
  • Village exploration
  • Mangrove restoration

Kadamakudy Village fest program overview

28th October 2021

  • 8.00 AM – Logo revealing
  • 8.15 Inauguration
  • 8 AM – Pokali harvest with Volunteers GP1
  • 10.30 AM – Harvest with Volunteers GP2
  • 1.PM – Lunch
  • 4 PM – Mangrove planting and awareness programs
  • 4 PM – Food street inauguration

29th October 2021

  • 8.00 AM – Harvest with volunteers GP3 and 4
  • 1 PM – Lunch
  • 4 PM – Inauguration of seminars
  • 4.30 PM – Food street
  • 6.30 PM – Entertainment programs

30th October 2021

  • 8.00 AM – Harvest with volunteers GP 5&6
  • 1.00 PM – Lunch
  • 4.00 PM – Seminar
  • 4.30 PM – Food street
  • 6.30 PM – Entertainment programs

31st October 2021

  • 8.00 AM – Harvest with Volunteers GP 7&8
  • 1 PM – Lunch break
  • 4 PM – Competitions and fun games
  • 4.30 PM – Food street
  • 6.30 PM – Entertainments

The kadamakudy fest program schedules are likely to change. So please confirm the schedules before starting.

Contact numbers : 8808833959 , 9446005066


Beginning of a weekend at Kadamakkudy Islands. Friday evening.

Places to stay near Kadamakkudy

Grand Hyatt, Kochi, is the nearest five star hotel. It is within 10km radius of Kadamakkudy. You can either cycle or travel by cab.

Coexistence of fish and rice at Kadamakkudy islands

The farmers grow pokkali rice for six months starting from June till November, which the rainy season (monsoon time). Pokkali rice have the ability to withstand the saline water. During the harvest, only the branches with paddy are cut, the leaves are allowed to decay, and that becomes food for fish and prawns. The fish are either trapped inside the fields during the high tide. In some cases, fingerlings (baby fish) are released into the fish farms (chemmeen kettu in malayalam). Crabs are also grown here.

Pokkali rice

Kadamakudy is well known for its prawn farming and pokkali rice cultivation. For six months the fields are used for prawns and fish farming and during the remaining six months it is time for pokkali rice. Now the farmers are gearing up for pokkali rice. Photo courtesy – Jeese Manavalan, a well known local farmer.