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Photo courtesy Yadhiraj Vaidya

Kettukazhcha at Kadamakkudy – A photo walk

Kettukazhcha From December 24th to 31st 2019

Tree house at Kadamakkudy
Tree house at Kadamakkudy
A Maharaja’s Welcome at Kadamakkudy
Boating at Kadamakkudy
Horse riding at Kadamakkudy
Kayakking at Kadamakkudy
Local cuisine of Kadamakkudy
Local cuisines of Kadamakkudy
The menu of Kadamakkudy
The menu of Kadamakkudy
kadamakkudy kettukazhcha 2019
Balloons for sale at Kadamakkudy
Balloon seller at Kadamakkudy
Balloon seller at Kadamakkudy

Kettu kaazhcha 2019 from December 24th to 31st

Note this down in your calendar. Do not miss this event Kettukazhcha at Kadamakkudy Islands. Click the link below for more.

“Cyclers see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens. A good bicycle, well applied, will cure most ills this flesh is heir to” Dr. K. K. Doty

It is at the time of dawn that we must commune with the gods. Apollonius of Tyana

Networking with like minded souls…..

Nice to meet you Guys. Will meet again sometimes, somewhere…….

I love these spontaneous meetings of like minded souls. One is an event manager, and the other one is Chef from UK. Sorry for my inability to remember names but I will never forget faces 🙂