Meeting like minded people, being with nature together in silence, enjoying the beauty of nature and capturing the beauty of nature is a beautiful experience. It is a kind of unity in diversity. I see the world differently. You see it differently. Very often we see the same thing differently. Walking in a group and clicking photographs and then watching others composition is fun. Anyone with any camera (including mobile phone cameras) are welcome to participate. For further details wahtsapp : 9895372115

I am not a professional tour operator. I am more of a blogger, photographer who likes to travel and meet people. I live happily at Varapuzha, a small town on the suburbs of Kochi city, which is very close to Kadamakkudy.

I visit Kadamakkudy frequently. Kadamakudy is different in one way or the other during each visit. Kadamakkudy looks different in the morning and the same Kadamakkudy looks different in the evening. This is applicable during the different seasons. This makes it quite unpredictable. Sometimes it welcomes you to a glorious sunset, and on another day it could be quite dull with a cloudy sky. During low tide, there could be lots of birds and during high tide, one may not see many birds. It has something new to offer to the visitor every time.

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