Before I loose this image..

Here is the brave Kadamakkudy woman who is catching fish in a special way. They catch the fish which hides in the mud, to save themselves. I forgot the name of this woman. If my memory is right she is Omana. She was late for that day’s fishing because she had to take care of her cow. I really appreciate her grit. If we could buy the fish from them at a good price….that is my dream. That is one reason for this blog and why I want you to come along with me and interact with the local people. Best wishes my dear Lady. Special thanks for allowing me to capture your photograph and for spending time to talk to me.


Humans of Kadamakudy – Shanmugan

Here is shanmugan, the local fisherman, diving deep to check the catch. For every throw of the net, he has to dive deep to check the catch. Sometimes you get a good catch. Very often there is nothing worthwhile in the net. There is a striking similarity of unpredictability between a fisherman’s life and a photographer’s life. Both depends on the environment and luck. When I say luck, it has more to do with the ability to be at the right place at the right time. One need divine grace for that.

Humans of Kadamakudy – Mohan

Morning walkers of Kadamakkudy

Jose chettan (chettan means elder brother, used to call elders with affection) is a regular morning walker at Kadamakudy. He is an ardent volley ball enthusiast. During his prime, he represented India for volleyball. Later he worked as a volleyball coach for Indian railways. Now he coaches the budding stars of our village.

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