The rain, river, rides and the dog’s love

With great expectation and anticipation I ventured out to Kadamakkudy Islands on my cycle today expecting to capture the beauty of a sunset. Unexpectedly the summer rains stopped me. . For the photographer in me, once decided to click, I must click. Standing at the veranda of the small S.K hotel, on the banks of river periyar I clicked….Kaizer the street dog whom I get biscuits whenever I meet him, and as a reciprocation of his gratitude and love, he accompanies me till the gate of my house which is approximately a mile away, and stand there for a while before bidding good bye with a painful look in his eyes..I too feel sad as I am not used to this kind of unconditional love and gratitude from the fellow humans…..This photograph captures the rain, river, rides and the dog’s love….all beautiful…..


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